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ZIQ Project

Official ZIQ Token Whitepaper, last updated on 5th, January. 2022.

The "ZIQ" project is a platform created to build a software or platform infrastructure where blockchain or cryptocurrency can be used, utilized and consumed in practice by users.

Currently, the "ZIQ" project is developing and operating "ZIQ World" as the main blockchain platform, and "ZIQ World" has been a global released October 28, 2021.

The domain of ZIQ World Platform : ziq.world (28th, October. 2021. Open)

and "ZIQ" project currently provides users with three platforms or softwares, the list is as follows:

1. ZIQ World
2. ZIG Quest
3. ZIQ Wallet

In addition to the above three platforms and software, the "ZIQ" project team will continue to develop platforms and software where "ZIQ" tokens can be utilized, and all software and platforms we create only support "ZIQ" token.

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